Topic: Installing Swivel Pulling Eyes on Fiber Optic Cable Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

Installing Swivel Pulling Eyes on Fiber Optic Cable

Cable manufacturers  install special strength members, usually aramid yarn (DuPont Kevlar), for pulling. Fiber optic cable should only be pulled by these strength members unless the cable design allows pulling by the jacket. Any other method may put stress on the fibers and harm them. 
Swivel pulling eyes should be used to attach the pulling rope or tape to the cable to prevent cable twisting during the pull.

Procedure for installing pulling eyes:

Strip the cable jacket and cut back all fibers to the end of the jacket, leaving the aramid stregth members only.

installing a pulling eye

Separate the aramid yarn into two bundles and loop it through the swivel eve in opposite directions.

Tie knots in each bunch at the eye and loop the strength members back to the cable jacket.

Tape the strength members along the jacket and up to the pulling eye.


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