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Aerial Installation of FiOS Prefab Cable Assemblies

In Santa Monica, CA, Verizon used existing utility poles to install aerial cable down alleys behind homes and apartments. The cables were prefabricated distribution cables designed to allow plug-and-play connection of homes using prefab drop cables. As you can see, the poles were crowded and even more so after the prefab cables had their service loops added! (IT's hard to get exact lengths, so extra cable is coiled up on the messenger.) Along major roads, the cables were run in ducts already in place or fiber was leased from Santa Monica CityNet, the city metropolitan network. In the second photo you can see the drop assemblies.

FiOS Aerial

Here is one of the drop assemblies. In this case they installed a 8 port box and 5 are used. 3 are available for future customer signups.

FiOS Aerial

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Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

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