Topic: Fiber Optic  Table of Contents: The FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics

Installation Checklist

Planning for the installation is a critical phase of any project as it involves coordinating activites of many people and companies. The best way to keep everything straight is to develop a checklist based on the design path. This is comprehensive but each project may have some of its own unique requirements that need to be added to the list.

Pre-install checklist:
  1. Main point of contact/project manager chosen
  2. Link communications requirements set
  3. Equipment and component requirements set and vendors chosen
  4. Link route chosen, permits obtained
  5. Cable plant components and vendors chosen
  6. Coordination with facilities and electrical personnel complete
  7. Documentation completed and ready for installation, preliminary restoration plans ready
  8. Test plan complete
  9. Schedule and start date set for installation, all parties notified
  10. Components ordered and delivery date set, plans made for receiving materials (time, place,) arrange security if left outside or on construction site
  11. Contractor/installer chosen and start date set
  12. Link route tour with contractor(s)
  13. Construction plans reviewed with contractor(s)
  14. Components chosen reviewed with contractor(s)
  15. Schedule reviewed with contractor(s)
  16. Safety rules  reviewed with contractor(s)
  17. Excess materials being kept for restoration reviewed with contractor(s)
  18. Test plan reviewed with contractor(s)

Before starting the install:
  1. All permits available for inspection
  2. Sites prepared, power available
  3. All components on site, inspected, 24-hour security arranged if necessary
  4. Contractor available
  5. Relevant personnel notified
  6. Safety rules posted on the job site(s) and reviewed with all supervisors and installation personnel

During The Installation:
  1. Inspect workmanship
  2. Daily review of process, progress, test data
  3. Immediate notification and solution of problems, shortages, etc.

After completion of cable plant installation:
  1. Inspect workmanship
  2. Review test data on cable plant
  3. Set up and test communications system
  4. Update and complete documentation
  5. Update and complete restoration plan
  6. Store restoration plan, documentation, components, etc.


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