The Fiber Optic Technician's Manual, 3rd Edition, 2006

This book has been replaced by the FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics as the reference for FOA Certifications.
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ISBN No. 1401896995.
by Jim Hayes
(c) 2006, 3rd Edition

The third edition was published by Delmar in August, 2005. The CFOT Test will use the new edition. Errata sheet

Also available now to accompany the book:

FIBER OPTICS TECHNICIAN'S MANUAL LAB MANUAL, for hands-on training using The FOTM, ISBN: 1418028754

Instructor's Guide To The FIBER OPTICS TECHNICIAN'S MANUAL, a guide for instructors on using the book to teach fiber optics. ISBN: 1401897002

Now Available in Spanish!
Manual Del Technico De Fibra Optica, Published by Thomson Delmar Learning, ISBN 1-4180-6121-2
This book was intended as a textbook for training installers of fiber optic networks. It only includes an introduction to the theory and basics of fiber optics, leaving the physics and mathematics of fiber optic technology to the high level textbooks. Instead it focuses on the practical aspects of designing, installing, testing and troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants and networks.
This book was developed by a number of instructors, all of whom are involved in teaching fiber optics courses regularly. The material comes from their practical experience and the assistance of a large number of vendors who provided the latest product information. Those instructors have joined together to produce this book.
This book includes an interesting history of the development of fiber optics and an overview of the basics of the technology to give the reader perspective. Then the material is oriented to describing the components of a fiber optic network, how to choose , install, test and troubleshoot them. A glossary of terms and resource guide are included for reference material.
What's new in the 3rd Edition? More practical information on termination and splicing, updating for the latest fiber optic technology. Plus a new Laboratory Manual is perfect for college labs or hands-on courses.
100% of the royalties from this book benefits The Fiber Optic Association, the professional association of fiber optics.
The CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) certification program administered by The Fiber Optic Association utilizes information contained in this book. This book may be effectively used as a study guide for the FOA CFOT certification test. An alternative reference for FOA certifications is the FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide available free on the FOA website.
Table of Contents
1 The Origins of Fiber Optic Communications
2 Basics of Fiber Optics
3 Fiber Optic Networks
4 Optical Fiber Cables
5 Specifying Fiber Optic Cable
6 Fiber Optic Connectors, Splices, and Tools
7 Fiber Optic Hardware
8 Getting Started in Fiber Optics
9 Guidelines for Fiber Optic Design and Installation
10 Cable Plant Link Loss Budget Analysis
11 Fiber Optic Installation Safety
12 Planning the Installation
13 Fiber Optic Cable Plant Documentation
14 Estimating and Bidding Fiber Optic Installation
15 Fiber Optic Cable Pulling
16 Fiber Optic Restoration
17 Fiber Optic Testing
Appendixes A: Glossary of Fiber Optic Terms
Appendixes B: Fiber Optic Standards
Appendixes C: Resource Guide to Fiber Optic Information and Training
Index 219
Errata sheet

Published by Delmar Publishers, Third Edition, 2006
ISBN: 1401896995

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