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Note: ONLY schools which are listed here are FOA-Approved and authorized to offer FOA certifications. Some schools may claim to be FOA-Approved but are not. For example, OSTRAC (SA), Fiber-One, Fiberoptic.com and Teralight are not FOA-Approved schools! If you have any questions regarding a school's status with the FOA, contact the FOA staff.

Schools listed here are required to offer FOA certifications to all students.  

Certified Fiber Optic Technician Training

The Fiber Optic Association has developed guidelines for training course approval and approves schools meeting our standards. Schools which offer training meeting FOA standards are listed on this website and are authorized to offer FOA certifications.

FOA certifications are widely respected for their comprehensive coverage of the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) they cover, a result of the FOA having access to the most experienced and knowledgeable people in fiber optics to help develop FOA programs. FOA certifications are approved by the US Department of Labor and listed on the DoL Career One Stop website. FOA Certifications Listed By US Department of Labor - Career OneStop  .
The FOA guidelines for course approval require schools to cover subjects appropriate to the course description, provide proper course materials, have well-equipped labs for hands-on training and instructors who are FOA-certified as instructors. All courses are reviewed and approved by the FOA and all instructors are FOA-certified instructors.

Students at FOA approved courses are offered FOA membership and certification testing at special student rates.
Apprenticeship Programs
Through the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC), the IBEW/NECA Apprenticeship Programs offer the FOA Certifications as part of their programs at locations which are listed here. JATC training is available to IBEW/NECA members only. Contact the Electrical Training Alliance/NJATC for more information.
Advanced/Specialist Training
Some schools also offer specialist courses leading to the FOA CPCT, CFOS/H (FTTx) or other CFOS certifications. Such courses are noted in the school information. Try the new Sortable Table to search for schools by certifications offered.

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Information for schools interesting in obtaining FOA Approval for their training courses.  

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