Fiber Optic Association Fiber To The Home Handbook
 For Planners, Managers, Designers, Installers And Operators Of FTTH - Fiber To The Home - Networks
 FOA FTTH Handbook  
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The Fiber Optic Association Fiber To The Home Handbook

For Planners, Managers, Designers, Installers And Operators Of FTTH - Fiber To The Home - Networks

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8541140118

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 112 pages 

Size: 8-1/2 X 11"

$19.95 paperback, $9.95 Kindle

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It has become obvious that high speed Internet access has become a necessity for everyone not a luxury. The best and most obvious solution, fiber to the home (FTTH,) has become a reality and is in widespread use worldwide. This handbook is written for those who want to know more about FTTH, whether they are considering a FTTH project for their area or are involved already in planning, designing, building or operating a FTTH network already.

This book is a compilation of all the FTTH materials from the FOA Guide and FTTH CFOS/H certification curriculum with additional materials covering project design and management. The FOA materials come from almost two decades of experience with FTTH including developing training curriculum for training techs for the earliest commercial installations of FTTH and consulting with many diverse FTTH projects.

This handbook is written to provide the technical information that can help a service provider understand how to start a FTTH project or a local organization decide if they want to create a do-it-yourself FTTH project run by their local government, electrical coop or a public-private partnership.

The FOA book uses state-of-the-art "publish on demand" technology where the book is printed when you order it using the latest printing technology. This new technology is less expensive than conventional publishing plus the cost of inventory is no longer an issue for books. We can update the book easily to keep up with new technology, applications, and FOA programs. The FOA, a real non-profit organization working for the good of the industry, is passing these savings directly on to you by making our books more affordable!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to FTTH   
Chapter 2 FTTH Architectures   
Chapter 3. FTTH PONs: Passive Optical Networks   
Chapter 4   FTTH Network Design   
Chapter 5. Fiber To The Home Installation   
Chapter 6. Testing FTTH Networks   
Chapter 7. Case Studies - Do It Yourself FTTH   
Chapter 8.  FTTH Project Management   

Companion Curriculum For
FOA CFOS/H FTTH Certification
 The Fiber Optic Association Fiber To The Home Handbook has a companion curriculum available from the FOA for trainers who want an instructor's guide, PowerPoint Slides, Student Lab manuals, etc. aimed at training for FOA CFOS/H FTTH certification. Contact FOA for more information.

About the Author
Jim Hayes has been involved in the fiber optic industry since the late 1970s as an entrepreneur, educator and author. He is President and a co-founder of the Fiber Optic Association. He was involved in creating the first formal training program for FTTH. He has written 9 books and hundreds of articles about fiber optics.


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