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This website is for FOA educational affiliates. The FOA provides educational affiliates with the curriculum materials to teach fiber optics or premises cabling. FOA affiliates are allowed to use FOA educational materials, get educational discounts on FOA printed textbooks, and offer Fiber U Certificates of Completion but not FOA certifications. The use of these materials is limited by the license agreements to the designated instructor(s) at the affiliated organization using the material to train students. It may not be resold, shared or given away to any other persons or organizations.

FOA Online Training, Technical Information and Publications
The FOA has always tried to provide the world with sources of technically correct, unbiased information on fiber optics and premises cabling using both print and electronic media. Much of the information is available online on the FOA Online Reference Guide, the most used source of information on fiber optics and cabling on the Internet. We also have printed textbooks available. These materials are perfect for educating yourself, your students or employees and your customers.
  • Fiber U Online Programs for Self-Study or Blended Learning: Available to allow students to complete classroom sessions online either before attending class or, with instructor assistance, replace classroom work.
  • FOA Online Reference Guide: The FOA Online Reference Guide has hundreds of pages of technical information and it's own Google search. Here is the Table of Contents.
  • YouTube Videos: FOA has lots of YouTube videos, including lecture series on fiber optics and premises cabling and many hands-on videos.
  • Textbooks: We have up-to-date textbooks that we can make available to you as a FOA affiliate at discount prices (typically 40% on printed books). You can also get these books on  Amazon Kindle. Contact FOA for textbook guides with answers to chapter questions.
  • Curriculum for Classroom Use: FOA can provide Instructor Guides and PPTs for use in the classroom by a qualified instructor. Contact FOA for instructions on how to get these curriculum materials.
  • Certificates For Attendees At Training Courses: While FOA affiliates cannot offer FOA certification, we do offer online testing at Fiber U where the students can obtain "Fiber U Certificates of Completion" for your training programs.

Educational Materials License
Usage of FOA-provided materials is covered under the FOA affiliate license agreement. Details below.

To use the FOA materials available here for training your students, you must agree to these terms:
  • You may not resell or transfer any part of the FOA materials to others for any purposes.
  • It is your responsibility is to protect the FOA material from unauthorized distribution or use. You may use the materials supplied as is or you may adapt it to your format. The FOA logo and copyright must remain on the material.
  •  You may distribute printed copies of the FOA materials but the FOA logo and copyright must remain on the material. You may not put the materials on the web for public use.
  • The intellectual property rights and copyright of the original material remain the property of The Fiber Optic Association, Inc.   If you distribute any of our materials, the FOA logo and copyright must remain on the material and you may not take payment for the materials.
  • If you wish to translate the FOA material into another language you are free to do so, as long as you don’t change the meaning of the training material and give the FOA credit for the material. The FOA logo and copyright must remain on the material. You must send us a copy of the translated materials.
  • You may not share it with any unauthorized person(s)
  • The FOA does not offer a warranty on any of its material nor accept any liability for its use.
FOA affiliation does not imply any FOA endorsement of your organization or its activities.  You may not represent  your organization as having FOA endorsement or approval in any way.  FOA assumes no responsibility for the actions of any FOA educational affiliate or FOA Certified individual member.

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